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GODFIGHT by Sean Hopp Mixed media on paper 2015

Ink, collage, toner, watercolor, paper, 2015
This is the second version of a piece started as Man With 42 Heads Goes for a Walk, but evolved into 2 gods fighting over the fabric of reality, creating spacetime (and destroying a few buildings) in the process. Study for larger painting.

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Felon by Sean Hopp Pencil and ink on canvas 2013

Pencil, ink, collage, 2013
Mistakes are often made by the expectation that time is linear. More of a self-portrait than I intended.

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Dr. John Dee Extrudes a Seventh Finger from a Third Arm by Sean Hopp

Dr. John Dee Extrudes a Seventh Finger from a Third Arm
Pencil, 2014
A portrait of Elizabethan Polymath Dr. John Dee, with a few extra appendages.

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Focus by Sean Hopp

Oil on canvas
The giant blue head of focused energy.

Mutant With the Pearl Earring by Sean Hopp

Mutant With the Pearl Earring
Paint, ink, collage, glue
With apologies to the master. Teeth digitaly enhanced.

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